Ghanaian ‘criminals’ Aidan and Kwasha arrested in Lagos

Ghanaian ‘criminals’ Aidan and Kwasha arrested in Lagos

Ghanaian ‘criminals’ Aidan and Kwasha arrested in Lagos

Two ‘notorious Ghanaian criminals’, as Eric Aidan and Matthew Kwasha, whom the Police said have been on record for killing their victims with raw acid after dispossessing them of their belongings, especially vehicles, have been arrested in Lagos Nigeria.

Nigerian police said they tracked down the two notorious Ghanaian gangsters in Lagos after being on the run since 9 December, sources confirmed Wednesday.

The spokesperson of the Nigeria’s Inspector-General of the Police Intelligence Response Team Mr. Jimoh Moshood confirmed the incident in Lagos.

He told local media that the arrested suspects poured raw acid on Taiwo Adesanya and robbed him of his truck loaded with goods in Edo State and were later arrested in Enugu State.

Moshood named the suspects as Eric Aidan and Matthew Kwasha.

Moshood explained that their mode of operation was to seek employment as driver and conductor in haulage companies and while there, they planned how to divert their employers goods and sell the vehicle.

Moshood said after selling the goods, they would relocate to another place where they would apply for the same position in another company, stressing that their last operation was the incident of Dec. 9.

The two gangster have reportedly confessed to the crime and are being held in custody while awaiting trial.


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