Babarinde, Ola Joe's death was attributed to negligence at the National Hospital

Babarinde, Ola Joe’s death was attributed to negligence at the National Hospital


How Negligence in National Hospital Killed, Ola, a Promising FIRS Staff


Babarinde, Ola Joe, who until his death at the National Hospital, Central Area, Abuja, on December 23rd 2017, was a staff of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). FIRS is one of the upward-looking government agencies in Nigeria.

But the grief of the family members and friends of the deceased ‘promising’ public servant was not that he died untimely, but that efforts to save his life were frustrated at the humongous hospital which lacked some basic healthcare facilities, including swift attendance to patient.

A source close to the deceased told our correspondent at the Gudu Cemetery, Abuja, where he was buried today, that Ola complained of excruciating pains at parts of his internal organs a couple of days ago and he was taken to an Abuja hospital which recommended that he should be transferred to the National Hospital.

When the deceased was taken to the National Hospital, few days before he died, the hospital failed to administer proper diagnosis on the patient. The source added that health attendants at the National Hospital could not establish the ailment that Ola was suffering from, an act she attributed to negligence.

“The first thing they should have done was to conduct proper diagnosis on the patient and then know the nature of his ailment. It is then they would be able to know the type of medication they should administer on him. But that did not happen. They kept groping in darkness until Ola died. Is that not negligence? It was when he died that they (health attendants) asked the family to give them permission to cut the corpse open to ascertain the cause of his death.

“In our culture, it is not proper to cut the body of a deceased open. It is a taboo. So, Ola’s family rejected that. So, as we speak, the hospital failed to establish the cause of the death of the young man”, our source added.


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