Nigerian Pharmacist Demonstrates his Breakthrough in HIV/AIDS, Cancer Cure

Nigerian Pharmacist Demonstrates his Breakthrough in HIV/AIDS, Cancer Cure


Nigerian Pharmacist Demonstrates his Breakthrough in HIV/AIDS, Cancer Cure

Nigerian horned pharmacist and medical researcher, Ben Amodu has demonstrated how his interventions in the areas of research and drugs formulations are taking the world closer to permanent cure for HIV/AIDS and other deadly ailments such as Cancer, Diabetes and Stroke.

In series of documentary evidence involving his patients pulling through ailments such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer and some hormonal imbalance, the Lead Phytomedicine researcher said that he is certain that he has a piece of good news for the world.

Mr. Amodu’s cure for asthma, malaria and cancer amongst others have been endorsed in countries like India, the US, and across Europe says HIV/AIDS was his primary aim of going into research.

“My patients are sharing their testimonies. It is not a hearsay. Someone was diagnosed with Diabetes, then he became my patient. After administering on him for a specific time, I asked him to go for another check-up. When he did, he tested negative. As he was sharing his testimony with me on WhatsApp, another of my patient who was asthmatic was also sharing his testimony of how his condition has disappeared”, he said in an interview.

The lead Phytomedicine researcher and expert in communicable and non-communicable diseases demonstrated how two of his patients test negative to HIV and noted that the International Cancer Institute, USA, recently contacted him, asking him to apply for their grant as his cure for cancer has the capacity to change the story for cancer cure
in Nigeria and across the globe.

He said he is hopeful that will pave the way for a final and lasting cure to HIV/AIDS.

He said his claims are not similar to those of others who have made claims that ended up being untrue.

“For me, what brought me into this research is the incidence of HIV/AIDS, which is my primary aim of going into this research. “It was to look for other ways of getting a non-chemical that would be effective in the treatment and management of HIV/AIDS. To the glory of  God today, reading a German scientific work that says, salad combination can be manipulated to cure HIV/AIDs, and today we have the similarity of these combinations, which I have used and a number of negatives that we have received from Nasarawa State and beyond in the last 10 years, and with the recent results, we are good to go.

“In fact, you can see, the one I sent to you from Netherlands, she had 22,770 viral load, but because of my drug, it reduced to 6,171 in three weeks. You know, human beings react differently, this goes to confirm that my combination has capacity to reduce viral load. “When the viral load is taken to zero, what do you expect? These people took it, one had viral load of 40,000 and within two months to three dropped to negative, another one had 10,000, within a period of five months dropped to zero; that is negative and the journalist who went from here (Abuja) to Kano State to ascertain my claim, he met the husband of the lady and the man explained to him that both of them are now negative after they decided to stop what they were using to start using my own. “He said let the wife test my own first, and immediately the wife tested negative, from that day, he decided to stop what he was using to start using my own. “These things are verifiable. He went there, saw the woman, and saw the hospital where she was attending. If we are able to make breakthrough, we should be bold about it, it is my intellectual property and it can be proven. I have always believed from the first day I started this research, that we will come a long way”, he said in an interview with Discover Africa News.

When asked if his patients will not continue the treatment like in the case of Anti Retro-viral Treatment, ART, since the virus hides in organs, he says none of his patients have returned to being negative.

“Like my patients that I cure on kidney stones, every six months we test and so far, the virus has not come back. When I treat my prostrate and I cure them, after some time, I ask them to go back for test but to be tested on a safe side I encourage them to go for tests at intervals and no one has come back that the virus has returned. My products and claims are peer reviewed,” he added.


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