Opposition Swear-in: Foreign Diplomats, Business Leaders meet NASA, Urge Respect for Constitution

 Foreign diplomats, business leaders meet NASA, urge opposition to respect  Constitution


Opposition Swear-in: Foreign Diplomats, Business Leaders meet NASA, Urge Respect for Constitution

The news around swearing-in Kenya’s opposition leader parallel with President Uhuru Kenyatta may have rattled foreign envoys, business and religious leaders in the West African country.

Earlier today, foreign diplomats met with NASA leaders led by Raila Odinga where they reiterated the need for him to engage in open and transparent national conversation to address underlying issues.

The opposition leader had rejected Kenyatta as the winner of the country’s election. There are speculations that members of the opposition are planning his swear-in next week, December 12, which is Kenya’s Independence Day.

The diplomats led by US envoy Robert Godec and the British High Commissioner Nic Hailey say such kind of dialogue will strengthen institutions to help the country.

Local reports say the meeting also attended by religious and business leaders emphasised the need for all parties across the political divide to respect and uphold the Constitution.

“Religious and business leaders and diplomats met NASA leaders today. Urged government, opposition and all Kenyans to engage in open, transparent national conversation to address underlying issues & strengthen institutions to help Kenya. Stress need to uphold Constitution,” Ambassador Godec said on his Twitter handle.

“The sentiments come ahead of the planned swearing-in of Odinga on Jamhuri Day, with Attorney General Githu Muigai saying it is outside the confines of the Constitution and qualifies as high treason.

Muigai stated that it would be a treasonable offence to swear-in opposition leader, Odinga as President without him having been declared winner of an election by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and absence of the presence of the Chief Justice.

High treason, he stated, attracts the death penalty.

Muigai also described as illegitimate the formation of People’s Assemblies by various County Assemblies which he says do not possess the power to do so and which also face, legal action”, said the report.

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