Protesters have been sitting outside the military HQ for weeks. Credit/BBC

Protesters have been sitting outside the military HQ for weeks. Credit/BBC


  Sudanese protesters vow to continue sit-in

Protesters in Sudan have said that the only option available is to continue their sit-ins outside military headquarters, because they are dissatisfied with the transitional military council.

Protest leaders had handed the military a list of proposals for an interim government, following the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir in April.

But the 10-member military council said it had “many reservations” about their suggestions – including the protesters’ conspicuous silence on Islamic law.

Speaking in a press conference earlier today Khalid Umar, a leading figure in the Sudanese Congress party, accused the transitional military council of wasting time:

“Now the military council is criticising the vision presented by the forces for freedom and change without offering its own vision. This is precisely the time-wasting we are talking about. Thus, we don’t want to engage in any form of nonsensical and devoid activity which leads nowhere.

He suggested the protesters may refuse to engage in further talks: 

“We are not willing to get involved in political manoeuvring, like the one the TMC held today by calling the so-called dialogue parties, who were allies of the previous regime”

And he vowed to continue protesting:

“It is clear for us now that the military council does not have the required commitment to immediately delve into handing over power to the civilians who represent the revolutionary forces, hence the option available for the Sudanese people is to continue its peaceful resistance through its sit-ins, and all legitimate peaceful means to fully realise its demands.” (BBC)


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