Doctors successfully remove  toothbrush from Kenyan’s stomach


It sounds unbelievable. But it is true. A Kenyan man accidentally swallowed a toothbrush. X-ray saw the toothbrush laying inside his stomach. He went from hospital to hospital looking for help, to get the toothbrush removed. His name is David Charo.

Help has come his way as doctors in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa say they have successfully removed the brush from the man’s stomach.

David Charo said he had swallowed the toothbrush accidentally on Sunday, while brushing his teeth.

He had moved from one hospital to another for five days as he tried to seek medical attention.

Most of the hospitals turned him away, saying they did not have specialists to carry out such an operation.

An X-ray showed the brush lodged in Mr Charo’s stomach.


Editorial Chief, Nigerian Bureau

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