President Museveni's son, Gen. Mohooza Kainerugaba

President Museveni’s son, Gen. Mohooza Kainerugaba

The son of Uganda’s long-serving President Yoweri Museveni has once again stoked the speculation that he is in line to succeed his father.

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has tweeted that he will “repay [his] great mother” by becoming president.

Mr Museveni has been in power since 1986 and there are frequent rumours that Gen Kainerugaba is being groomed to follow him.

In May this year, the military man asked on Twitter if people thought he should run for president and earlier this month he wrote: “To the Ugandan opposition, after my father, I will defeat you badly in any election. Ugandans love me more than they’ll ever love you.”

The 48-year-old is no stranger to controversy on Twitter.

At the beginning of October, he threatened in a tweet to invade neighbouring Kenya, prompting a public apology and diplomatic meetings to reaffirm ties.

Then after President Museveni directed that he stops commenting on government affairs on Twitter, Gen Kainerugaba said that “no-one will ban him from anything”.

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