Zimbabweans gather to pray amidst uncertainty

Zimbabweans gather to pray amidst uncertainty

Zimbabweans Pray for Peace Amidst Uncertainty

Although everywhere seems calm and people go about their normal businesses in Harare, the Political crisis in Zimbabwe has unsettled citizens. There is silent anxiety about the way forward.

Zimbabwean human rights lawyer, Dough Coltart today asked citizens to prepare and pray to God to restore peace in the land.

He asked the people to come to pray, each with Zimbabwe’s flag.

Tweeting on his handle @DougColtart , Coltart said “Fellow citizens, our nation is in crisis. Now is the time we need to stand up and be counted. Let’s gather together @ Africa Unity Square TODAY @ 4:30 pm to PRAY for the #ZimbabweWeWant”.

Video he posted online a while ago shows that some citizens are already gathering to pray.

This is the situation now: Zimbabwe is in limbo. The army has not taken full control of the government. Robert Mugabe, the ‘president’ who is under house arrest is insisting that he remains Zimbabwe’s only legitimate ruler. Mugabe even attended a public function today. The ‘ousted’ Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, known as the Crocodile, is reported back to country with support of the West and the Zimbabwe’s military. The Gucci, Grace Mugabe’s whereabouts is unknown, she is said to be hiding somewhere, probably in Namibia.

Although Zimbabwe’s atmosphere is calm, even calmer now, there is thick uncertainly in the air about the future of the country, requiring them to pray.

However, Zimbabwe’s political indices have not suggested that the army will take over completely. The military might only want to threaten the Mugabe hegemony, bring Mnangagwa back to Zimbabwe and restore peace and calmness in the troubled country ahead of Zimbabwe’s election next year.

First, Zimbabwe is aware of the position of the African Union (AU) on coup and military takeover. An attempt on coup will end them a sack from the continental body. This may be why the military did not want to call their action, a coup, and to a large extent, that is why coup may not happen. Military rule is getting progressively out of fashion in Africa.

Second, it is likely that the military may have truck on the invitation of the ruling party, and may go away when their job has been done. To pray is important. The ruling party, Zimbabwe African National Union Progressive Front (ZANU-PF) is fully in support of the military action. It tweeted that “@zanu_pf handle. “Neither Zimbabwe nor ZANU are owned by Mugabe and his wife. Today begins a fresh new era and comrade Mnangagwa will help us achieve a better Zimbabwe

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