About Us

Posted on October 09, 2017, 7:59 pm
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Discover Africa News is an international web news organisation established to provide a window through which Africans and foreigners could look, see and understand the content of the African continent. It is established to guide Africans and the rest of the people of the world in the path of sustainable socio-economic and political development of Africa.

With cardinal principles of Professionalism, Integrity and Patriotism, Discover Africa News has the vision to provide all sides of the news and help give voice to the voiceless. We encourage citizen journalism provided that such reports are verifiable and true and have capacities to strengthen democracy in Africa and advance the socio-political, cultural and economic rights and wellbeing of the people.

Discover Africa News understands that Africa is a unique people, like any other people of the world. And Africa needs to tell her own stories.

Africa is blessed with rich land, animals and people, capable of inspiring of the world. But Africa is a continent grossly misrepresented politically, economically, socially and religiously.


To guide Africans and the world in the path of sustainable socio-economic and political development of Africa and provide a window to view the uniqueness of Africa.


To fairly cover and report all segments of African interest and showcase the uniqueness of Africa through inclusive coverage, objective news reporting and informed patriotic issues analysis.