ISACA Abuja Chapter Community Day, 2023

ISACA Abuja Chapter Community Day, 2023


To stem rising mental health issues, separatists’ tendencies and terrorism in the country, former Super Eagles Goalkeeper, Peter Rufai (Dodomayana) has urged the Federal Government to invest more in sports.

Rufai said sporting activities have the potential of bridging the gaps in the country already created by misapplication of youthful talents and energy.

Peter Rufai made this call on Saturday in Abuja during the community day celebrations of Digital Trust professionals, otherwise known as ISACA, Abuja Chapter, where he was a resource person.

Rufai and the Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Sports, Prof. Olawale Moronkola shared similar views on how to redirect the energy and attention of Nigerian youthful population from anti-social activities to social development initiatives through sports.

Rufai noted: “Sporting activities have a way of disciplining the young people. They will see the importance of teamwork, tolerance, perseverance and respect. If they fail to observe these principles, they will lose the game. Next time, you see them trying to play by the rules. That is how sports remoulds our thinking and behaviours”,.

Lauding ISACA for using sporting events to mark this year’s community day, Rufai said the society stands to gain more if the Government pay more attention to sports.

“This initiative by ISACA is a great one. It is about sports development in the country. It is about wellbeing and wellness. It is also about reducing vices in the community. Generally, I think this is a great project by ISACA”, Rufai said.

Sharing similar view in his lecture to ISACA members and sports lovers at Jabi lake corridors, Prof. Moronkola it was appalling that the media pay more attention to promoting reality shows that have no positive impact on the youth rather than encouraging sports.

“What ISACA has done today will go down in the history as of the events that impacted the communities. I keep advocating that the energy we channel to some TV programs which do not actually impact positively on the youth should be redirected to sports and education. That is the way to promote unity in the country, foster wellness and reduce all forms of criminality”, Moronkola said.

As a part of activities to mark its 2023 Community Day in Abuja, ISACA organized field events and lectures on the potential of sports in Nigeria’s socio-economic development.

ISACA Abuja chapter organized different activities across the nation such as lectures to create mental health awareness in Victorine orphanage Gwarimpa courtesy of PEEEI,
Commissioning of volleyball court in Kaduna and mental health awareness on understanding ADHD and other disorders, their misconceptions and management through sports.
In Onitsha Business School, Onitsha, Anambra, ISACA Abuja Chapter held a symposium on Integrating Digital Trust in emerging technologies to optimize transport security.

ISACA President, Abuja Chapter, Emmanuel Omoke said the organization will continue to promote activities that will impact positively on the lives of the people of Nigeria and beyond.

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