Morocco and Nigeria have signed an agreement to build a major pipeline transporting gas from south-east Nigeria and across the Sahara – going through 13 African countries.

The 7,000km (4,300-mile) link – originating from Brass Island – will connect with the Maghreb European Pipeline in northern Morocco.

Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) boss Mele Kyari told the signing ceremony in Rabat that the project will improve living standards and mitigate desertification in West Africa.

Last November, Algeria stopped using a pipeline that goes through Morocco to Spain, depriving the Moroccans of both gas and transit fees.

In a statement, the NNPC said the project will also supply gas to West African countries and provide a new export route to Europe.

It’s expected to supply about three billion cubic feet of gas per day. But it’s not yet clear when the project will be completed.

The signing of the agreement comes at a time of a worsening global energy crisis, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. European countries have been seeking ways to reduce their dependence on Russian gas.

Editorial Chief, Nigerian Bureau

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