Nigeria's Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Sabo Nanono

Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Sabo Nanono


Tell Sabo Nanono that Nigerians are Terribly Hungry, By Philip Onoh


It’s either Sabo Nanono, Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development is still very far from the reality of an average street Nigerian or he’s still gallivanting and wallowing in an orgy of public deceit, an atmosphere of the misinformed.

Such statement as attributed to him that Nigerians are not hungry is politically unwelcome, intellectually bankrupt, morally epileptic, misleading, unacceptable and superfluously lazy.

Sabo Nanono said and I quote, “the cry by some Nigerians of hunger in the land is laughable” 

For such argument to have emanated from the buccal cavity of a supposedly national stakeholder portrays just how much concerned most elites are towards the avoidable hardship in our society.

It’s very natural that Nanono had to carelessly exude such misleading public utterances owing to the fact that he does not know how much a kongo or mudu of garri, beans, rice is now worth in street vendors, how much more the cost of the commonly consumed tilapia fish in Obalende and Ochanja Markets respectively.

However, the executive cocoonery riddance of our leaders have obviously and ostensibly swayed them off the perils and reality of an average Nigerian.

The undiluted and unadulterated fact is that Nigerians are severely hungry, bitterly starved and maliciously malnourished by those who have been entrusted to be their guardian angels.

Without fear of contradiction, may I categorically aver that the only Nigerian who is not aware of the suffering of the masses and the less privileged on account of starvation is the custodian of our nations Agricultural development, the food basket himself.

In this era of false democracy, unkempt political promises, sheer governmental propaganda, scrappy economical riddance, and rapid influx of inflation, one does not need a magnifying convex lens to see through the massively spreading and contagious hunger in the land, but for Sabo Nanono.

Nigerians are deeply and sorrowfully being bottlenecked in conditions heavily characterized by lack of income and productive resources to ensure sustainable livelihood, and severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food and safe drinking water. Perhaps, in the 21st century advanced learner’s economy dictionary of Sabo Nanono, the afore stated is not hunger.

Moreover, just as recent as June, 2018, the world poverty clock projected Nigeria to be the world poverty capital where an average citizen lives on less than $1.90 a day. However, in proposing a thesis from the above, it therefore means that, if Nigeria can successfully eliminate poverty from the land, she would have by default combatted seriously with the case of hunger, as both poverty and hunger applies to the poor of the world.

Conversely, and logically speaking, may I without mincing words, emphatically state that poverty going by the United Nations $1.90 definition, is the principal cause of hunger, because the trio of poverty, food prices, and hunger are inextricably linked.

Suffice it to say that not everyone living in hunger are extremely poor, but almost everybody facing poverty are hungry. This is because hunger can be viewed as a dimension of extreme poverty. in other words, it is often called or referred to be the most severe and critical manifestation of poverty.

Going forward, the minister of Agriculture and rural development, Nanono, needs to explain to Nigerians where he broods his purview of what hunger is.

May I reiterate my concern as a concerned Nigerian in colouring such fallacious spew of Sabo Nanono as unwelcome, uncultivated, and misleadingly unpatriotic.

A medical practitioner can only prescribe professionally to a patient if the affected owns up sincerely.

Moving forward, as a nation, we can only tread the trajectory of getting Nigeria to work again if we (our leaders) tell ourselves the basic truth.

In conclusion, Nigerians are hungry and suffering all simultaneously, let those in positions of authority hence, deviate from mis-representing facts and cultivate the character of presenting to the masses the true situation of things at any point in time.

Nigeria has been badly hit by hardship, yet she still gallivants in a lost identity and false analytically interpretation of facts.

Tell Sabo Nanono, to desist from spewing words incorrectly, and to call a spade by a spade, and not calling a spade by a fork, if he does not want to be eaten up by devastatingly hungry Nigerians.

Philip Onoh, a Nigerian, sent this piece from Ebonyi State.

Philip Onoh, a Nigerian, sent this piece from Ebonyi State.


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