World leaders pay tribute as Nigeria marks 60 Years Post Independence from Britain

World leaders pay tribute as Nigeria marks 60 Years Post Independence from Britain


World leaders pay tribute as Nigeria marks 60 Years Post Independence

Today, Nigeria, touted the giant of Africa marks 60 years of her independence from its former colonial master, the Great Britain. On this day in 1960, Africa’s most populous nation declared its independence from British colonial rule.

Though signed with mixed-feelings, Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, in an early morning broadcast said Nigeria had done greatly in the last 60 years and called on all Nigerians to pool their efforts together to keep Nigeria united. A number of protests against the government hve been sheduled today in parts of Nigeria including that of a seperatist organisation, the Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB)

Among world leaders who have sent felicitations to Nigeria is the Queen of England, Elizabeth II who congratulated President Buhari in a message conveyed by the British High Commission in Nigeria.

The message read, “It gives me great pleasure to offer my warmest congratulations on the 60th anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence, together with my best wishes for your country’s continued happiness and prosperity.

“The United Kingdom and Nigeria benefit from strong and enduring ties as Commonwealth partners through shared history and most importantly, our people. These are bonds that I hope and believe will flourish long into the future.”

Google also celebrates Nigeria’s Independence Day with a Doodle and brief eulogy. “Over the years, Independence Day has been an opportunity for Nigerians to showcase their rich and varied culture, from suya (spicy meat skewer) and jollof rice (one-pot tomato rice) to juju music and afrobeats. The artwork in today’s Doodle is a nod to Nigeria’s coat of arms— specifically the eagle which represents strength. The primary colors of the Doodle are the same as Nigeria’s national colors: green signifying the country’s agricultural wealth and white a marker for unity and peace”


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