The baboon left bite marks on the young child's body

The baboon left bite marks on the young child’s body


A Zimbabwean mother saved her son from the grips of a baboon’s mouth after the animal tried to snatch him away, she told VOA (Voice of America).

Petronella Moyo said her 18-month-old child was playing in their Matabeleland home when the incident occurred last week.

She said she heard her son screaming and when she looked up, the baboon was dragging him away.

The baboon jumped on top of the house with her son hanging from its mouth and she said: “I feared the worst. I thought he was dead”.

But she chased the baboon and managed to get her child back.

Ms Moyo’s son sustained a few injuries but is expected to make a full recovery at Gwanda Provincial Hospital.

Baboons are generally indifferent to humans, but they do attack when provoked, and are potentially very dangerous because of their sharp teeth and claws.

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