Fayose with local hunters

Fayose with local hunters

Ayo Fayose, Samul Ortom: Different Governors, Different Guts

The activities of herdsmen has reached a deadly crescendo in Nigeria. The herdsmen are ravaging every part of Nigeria. But while some State Governors have been able to curtail the inroad of the Fulani herdsmen in their states, other Governors go, cap in hand, from one authority to the other, looking for solution where they could hardly find them.

In Benue State, about 160 persons, including policemen have been killed the herdsmen between January 1st and today. And the leaders of the herdsmen have promised to do more. The state governor, Samuel Ortom, is practically helpless about the situation. He had said that his tolerance of the herdsmen carnage had reached a tipping point. but he seemed to be bereaved of any idea. But his Ekiti State counterpart, Ayodele Fayose seems to be more resourceful. Fayose convened hunters in the state and charged them to protect the boundaries of the state, lawfully, against the intrusion of Fulani herdsmen.

Fayose tweeted: “On the herdsmen’s menace, I met with local hunters in Ekiti State today and charged them to protect the people since I won’t run to anyone in Abuja for help that is not available. They must not take laws into their hands, but they should defend Ekiti & its people”.

Ortom, on the other hand, again has gone to the Presidential Villa to cry to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari.

Ortom was acused by the Nigerian military of arming some youths to watch over the state against the activities of the herdsmen. Ortom has spent the last two days denying that he never empowered any group of people to secure Benue state. Ortom said the depended on the security of the Federal Government to provide security for his Benue people. 

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