Libyan House of Representaives  Speaker, Issa, accuses Turkey of sponsoring terrorism in Libya

Libyan House of Representaives Speaker, Issa, accuses Turkey of sponsoring terrorism in Libya

Turkey behind Terrorism in Libya—Libya Lawmaker

 Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives, Aguila Issa, has accused Turkey of supporting terrorism in that North African country.

In January, two bomb-laden cars exploded near a mosque in Benghazi following prayer time. Forty people were killed. Two people were killed in a similar incident last week. “Terrorist organisations are behind this [explosions in Benghazi], unfortunately with support of foreign countries, with Turkey’s support,” he said.

NAN reports that on Jan. 15, Libya’s eastern-based army spokesman also slammed Turkey as the sponsor of terrorism in Libya.

 “Turkey is the sponsor of terrorism in our country even before the start of the military war against terrorism more than three years ago,” said spokesman Ahmad Al-Mismari at a news conference in the eastern city of Benghazi.

“The House of Representatives has not yet charged a commission of inquiry on the ship carrying explosives coming from Turkey. “This ship was heading to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida, not to Misurata,” Mismari added.

“We will punish Turkey and all its companies. Its contracts in Libya are invalid now,” said Mismari, pointing out that there is an intelligence network between Turkey and Sudan following Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visits to Sudan and Tunisia.

“After the army welcomed the upcoming elections, the Muslim Brotherhood was certain that they would lose the elections. “Therefore, they resorted to the arms and explosives to create chaos,” Mismari said.

He also said that the explosives on the Libyan ship seized by Greece a few days ago “threatens not only Libya, but the entire region.” Greek Coast Guards announced that they seized a ship with the flag of Tanzania carrying materials used to make explosives while sailing to Libya.

 The ship’s cargo record indicates that the cargo was loaded at the Turkish ports of Mersin and Iskenderun before heading to Djibouti and Oman. However, Greek Coast Guards said preliminary investigation showed that the ship’s captain had received orders from the ship’s owner to sail to the Libyan city of Misurata, some 250 km east the capital Tripoli, to unload the entire cargo. UN Envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame pledged earlier on Sunday to reveal details of the seized 


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