How it started: #NaDemDeyRushUs


Many people, especially in Nigeria woke up recently to a new buzz on the social media: Na Dem Dey Rush Us. #NADEMDEYRUSHUS. It is as hilarious, the same way it is confusing.

Na Dem Dey Rush Us

Na Dem Dey Rush Us

It is a pidgin English slang which means ‘they are the ones who want us badly’.

Many people have started tweeting the statement without knowing how it started.

 If you haven’t heard of Na Dem Dey Rush US it is most likely you are badly out of step with happenings in Nigeria.

a Nollywood actor, Charles Inojie, in a clip said: Fine boys like us, we, we no dey too look for women like that, na dem dey rush us, na dem dey rush us, Fine boys and girls.

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