Earlier this month Mr Zuma lost two court cases in one day, both linked to corruption allegations.

Earlier this month Mr Zuma lost two court cases in one day, both linked to corruption allegations.


Corruption Saga: SA Court Blames Parliament for Shielding Zuma


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Top court in South Africa has blamed the country’s parliament for shielding President Jacob Zuma over corruption charges.

The court  found that parliament failed to comply with its duties in holding President Jacob Zuma accountable over a public funding case.

The court has therefore ruled that the parliament should set out impeachment process against Zuma.

The ruling said parliament must now set out rules for impeachment proceedings, but it remains unclear whether this will lead to any impeachment.

Odds Build up Against Zuma 2019 Ambition

The court was hearing a case brought by opposition groups who wanted parliament to be compelled to begin impeachment.

The corruption case relates to Mr Zuma’s use of state funds to upgrade his private home.

Handing down the Constitutional Court ruling, Judge Chris Jafta said: “We conclude that the assembly did not hold the president to account.

“The assembly must put in place a mechanism that could be used for the removal of the president from office.”

But the court said it could not intervene on how parliament determined the mechanism and that it had no power to order an impeachment.

The corruption and sexual misconduct allegations against President Jacob Zuma of South Africa are coming at his odd times. Zuma’s arch political rival within the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, is riding on the crest of those odds

 Zuma is preparing for his second term election in 2019 but the odds are building up against him. Ramaphosa has been elected the leader of the party on Monday, effectively replacing Zuma.

Ramaphosa has pledged to fight corruption and pursue a policy of “radical economic transformation”, which Zuma is adjudged unable to accomplish.


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